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Our Products

Plastic Pallets

Imported from Germany, the CR3 is our strongest pallet with very long life cycle and is ideal for pallet pooling. It comes with nonslip strips and combined with the one piece design and superior load capacity makes the CR3 suitable for even the most demanding applications.

Liquid Bulk Containers (LBC)

The Arca Combo foldable bag-in-box containers dramatically reduces your costs compared to alternative intermediate bulk container systems that use drums and steel IBC’s.


Foldable Large Containers (FLC)

From lightweight to heavy duty, our foldable large containers have been especially developed for long distances and a large number of return trips, maximising cost saving and lowering carbon footprint.

Our Clients

About Smartload


Smartload is your reusable packaging specialist. We offer high-quality load carriers for the entire supply chain.

Our reusable plastic load carriers offer better hygiene and a more sustainable solution compared to one-way packaging. Our product range and first-class customer service will ensure your supply chain management is the best it can be. Our services offered include pooling, renting and buying, so there’s a choice to suit every business’s needs.

Connect with one of our team members today to find out more about the potential cost savings and other benefits to your business, when you switch to Smartload’s reusable plastic solutions.


Smartload has the ability to give your business significant benefits to increase profitability, improve quality, increase efficiency and to create a more environmentally sustainable business.

By using Smartload you will get the following benefits


Avoid foreign bodies in the production environment.


What does a load carrier really cost throughout your supply chain?


Our software and proactive service helps you to avoid losses.


We take reusable packaging discussion out of the commercial process and create standardisation.


Using our service will help to reduce your empty miles and carbon footprint.


You can focus on and invest in your core business without having to worry about load carriers.

What is a Load Carrier?

What is Pooling?

Wood vs Plastic?

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