Use plastic for increased hygiene and sustainability.

Why choose re-usable plastic load carriers?

Plastic load carriers eliminate significant disadvantages associated with conventional wooden load carriers, particularly problems associated with hygiene. While complying with all quality requirements, our load carriers are far cleaner than wooden equivalents.

For start, it is not possible to wash wooden load carriers while plastic options can be washed using steam or high-pressure equipment.

Here are more reasons for choosing plastic load carriers rather than their wooden equivalents:


Absorbs Chemicals and Moisture
Non-Hygienic and cannot be washed
Fire risk and burns easily
Nails and Splinters
Rust and Coatings
Short lifespan and not suitable for re-use
Not suitable for fitment of tracking chip


Does not absorb Chemicals and Moisture
Resistant to weathering
Hygienic and can be washed
Resistant to fire
No Nails or Splinters
No Rust or Coatings
Very long lifespan and ideal for re-use
Can be fitted with tracking chip
100% recyclable

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