Smartload’s service offerings for food producers & other industries are flexible. Some clients prefer our full service pooling model, others prefer the flexibility of the rental model, whereas other customers prefer to buy and own their own assets


The pooling model is an all inclusive service offering which includes cleaning, delivery to the client’s desired location as well as the collection of dirty units at the end of the cycle.


Clients order LBC’s/pallets as they need them and pay the daily rental at the end of the month. This model is very flexible, for instance, if a client needs to send pallets/LBC’s to an unloader where the units will spend a significant amount of time, the rental can be transferred to that client’s account, we call this a rental transfer.


Buying is straightforward, we provide unbranded versions of our products to customers who are interested in owning their own pallets/LBC’s. This option is ideal for customers who use these assets internally and do not send them to external locations. In the long term, plastic pallets with a superior service life can lead to significant savings compared to wood pallets.

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