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SmartTrees – smarter for the planet

SmartTrees – smarter for the planet

At Smartload’s core we are focused on driving environmental sustainability by helping our clients reduce their waste creation, by offering an alternative to single-use packaging such as wood and cardboard. This has inspired us to start our tree planting project – SmartTrees. By planting trees we are not only reducing waste, but reversing the effect of unsustainable practices on the environment.

Why tree planting? 

Environmental benefits

Trees not only provide beauty, shade and a connection with nature, they’re also beneficial for so many reasons. They help fight climate change by absorbing harmful CO2 and removing it from the air, and storing it while releasing oxygen. One tree can produce enough oxygen for four people, so they are our main survival tool. From purifying air, helping to cool the planet and boosting biodiversity to being flood and soil erosion preventors, trees are vital to Earth.

Forest conservation

The enormous global demand for wood is greater than the supply. This imbalance is devastating forests, which play a vital role in stabilising the global climate. Using plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets reduces the need to cut down forests, which is good for the environment – and for all of us.

More trees = happier children (and teachers!)

There is strong evidence to show that the amount of trees on a school property has an effect on academic performance and overall wellbeing of the learners, their teachers and other school staff. More trees = happier children!

Planted trees create interest and children are taught about the importance of trees and the role they play in our natural environment. Encouraging environmental awareness in the young is key to keeping the planet clean and protecting our future sustainability.

It’s important for children of all ages to have time outdoors in areas with trees and grass as it helps to lower stress and improve moods. 

There are many schools in underprivileged areas near the Smartload HQ that need trees and we aim to help these schools with the SmartTrees initiative. The planting of trees will help to make these schools a more positive place for the children to learn, play, relax and grow.

LK Zeeman primary school in Paarl was selected as our first school and we have planted 10 trees so far. We are very excited about this initiative and we believe that with the support of our clients and partners we will be able to plant many more trees in the future.

If you are interested in partnering with Smartload or would like more information about the initiative, please contact us.

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