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How Load Carrier

Pooling Works

The concept of pallet pooling is based on a sharing economy where all participants share and make use of the same resources, in this case, plastic pallets. Goods are loaded by one entity, delivered to and then reused by the next entity and so it goes on.


A Pooling Game Changer

Smartload pallets are fitted with IOT tracking devices which have changed the way we pool, forever.

The IOT tracking devices inside each unit create a sharing network of plastic pallets that allow us to do a couple of things differently.

Movement of pallets from one location to another occurs automatically once they enter a new DC, warehouse or plant. This means the pallet knows where it is and warehouse staff no longer have to manage the movement of pallets with manual pen and paper systems.

Smartload pallet users have access to useful information regarding the movement of pallets and the ability to generate reports on demand.

Smartload clients gain access to the SmartPooling network of pallets. Based on the concept of a sharing economy, this means that Smartload clients can collect from and deliver pallets to any other Smartload client location. Sharing means we use less resources to satisfy the same market need.


Benefits of SmartPooling


Commercial and Sustainability 


Our pallets have IOT enabled tracking chips inside which give you visibility of the total number of pallets in your pool at your various locations.

Automated Transfers

Smartload pallets automatically update their location when they enter one of our clients’ facilities, eliminating the need for manual pen and paper transfer slips and improving location balance accuracy.

Accurate Accounts

Automatically updated location balances help keep your accounts accurate.

Recycling that Works

Made from recycled material. Remanufactured at end of life cycle.

Reduces Waste

Reducing waste creating, one way pallets and the need to replace lost pallets..

Reduces CO2 Emissions

Enabling a sustainable sharing economy where less resources are used to meet the same demand.

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Is SmartPooling the next optimisation step in your value chain?

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Is SmartPooling the next optimisation step in your value chain?

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