Hygenic, reusable, plastic load carriers.

Our Products

Arca Combo Liquid IBC

The Arca Combo foldable bag-in-box containers dramatically reduces your costs compared to alternative intermediate bulk container systems that use drums and steel IBC’s. The Combo concept simplifies handling throughout the logistics process. Combo containers are returnable and reusable and substantially reduce the use of packaging materials compared to one-trip IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) solutions.

The Combo foldable bag-in-box container offers simplified handling with lower trip costs and better hygiene performance all with reduced environmental impact compared to other systems.

CR3 Heavy Duty Pallet

Imported from Germany, the CR3 is our strongest pallet with very long life cycle and is ideal for pallet pooling. It comes with nonslip strips and combined with the one piece design and superior load capacity makes the CR3 suitable for even the most demanding applications.

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