Nov 11, 2021 | Blog

Liquid Bulk Containers (LBC’s)

Previously manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical products made use of either 1000 litre flow bins or 25 litre bag in box solutions for the transport of raw materials and finished product.

Unfortunately, flow bins are difficult to clean, often cause losses in raw material due to inefficient decanting, provide little to no traceability and are therefore not a very hygienic solution. 25 Litre bag in box solutions are inefficient when it comes to transporting intermediate loads, they cause a loss in product during use and create large amounts of waste that take up space in manufacturing facilities.

Why are LBC’s better?

They are foldable, reusable liquid containers that make use of 100% recyclable inner liners, maximising space and reducing waste in manufacturing facilities. Because LBC’s are foldable, they not only save space on site, they also increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of return logistics. Every liner comes with FDA, ISO, BRC, etc. certification offering superior traceability and hygiene over other solutions.

LBC’s have been tested extensively in the pharmaceutical, dairy and juice industries to name a few, proving itself to be a superior packaging solution.

The LBC is available on all three of our service offerings, pooling, renting and selling.

For more information on Smartload LBC’s and how they could fit into your supply chain, contact us today.


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