Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic Pallets

Why plastic pallets?

Plastic pallets have longer life cycles which means they can be used for longer and that they reduce overall waste in landfills. Plastic pallets are also stronger, more hygienic and they don’t splinter.

What are Bulk Containers?

Bulk containers are used to carry large loads of liquid or dry product and aim to bring sustainability benefits through various applications.


Liquid Bulk Containers replace flow bins, increase hygiene and reusability by use of an inner liner that ensures product never comes in contact with the container.


Foldable Large Containers aimed at replacing wooden pallet and plastic wrapping combos, thereby reducing packaging waste and costs.

How do liners work? What liner works for me?

There are a variety of liners, some of which are standard, however liners can be custom made to suit your specific needs.

What is the Smart Pallet Network?

The Smart Pallet Network is a network of tracked pallets that communicate with one another to create a network of pallets that are easily located and shared amongst clients in the network.

How does Automated Pooling work?

When pallets move from one location to another, they are automatically transferred between accounts, no need for pen and paper management systems. Every Smartload Automated Pooling pallet is visible on a map and either marked available or in-use. Available pallets can be booked and collected by any other Smartload client.

What’s the difference between renting and pooling?

Renting pallets are intended for internal use only while pooling pallets are free to move from one location to another as needed.

Why should I change to an automated system?

Our automated system increases pallet transfer and location balance accuracy, providing transparent, accurate invoices and removing pallet management admin.

Does load carrier ownership make practical and financial sense for your business?

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Does load carrier ownership make practical and financial sense for your business?

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