What do we do, how do we do it?

We often get asked how our reusable packaging solutions work. Over the next three weeks I will be unpacking some use cases and how our solutions fit into different supply chains. First up…

Plastic Pallets

One of the main culprits creating waste and hygiene risks for manufacturing facilities is the wooden pallet. Although these pallets often get reused, they are not ideal, mainly due to the fact that they can not be washed or sanitised and often break after more than one use. The solution? Plastic pallets.

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers increasingly make use of plastic pallets in production areas due to strict hygiene regulations prohibiting the use of wood.

Plastic pallets have a heavy duty load bearing capacity of up to 7500kg. They are capable of withstanding the frequent changes in temperature without cracking making it the ideal candidate for manufacturers in the South African market. The pallet has proven itself, having been tested thoroughly in the dairy, juice, pet nutrition and other manufacturing industries over the last five years.

Our pallet is available on all three of our service offerings, pooling, renting and selling.

For more information on Smartload pallets and how they could fit into your supply chain, contact us today.

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