Discharging high viscosity fluids from flowbins and other load carriers is difficult and results in unnecessary waste

Food manufacturers, such as dairies who make use of fruit pulp and concentrates in the production of yoghurt and other products often lose a portion of their raw materials as they are unable to extract 100% of the product from the container. This results in unnecessary costs and food waste.

The Liquid Bulk Container (LBC) paired with a high viscosity liner allows producers to make use of the full potential of their raw materials, reducing waste and increasing discharging efficiency. The high viscosity liner is equipped with an easy to use, portable pump system to handle various thick, liquid products.

The high viscosity liner solution is also more hygienic as every liner comes with FDA, ISO, etc. certification. Because the liners are single use and 100% recyclable, food producers have a cleaner, more traceable packaging solution for raw materials and less packaging waste that end up in landfills.

If you are a dairy or other food producer and would like to know more about LBC solutions, contact us today for more information.

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