One of our clients in the food manufacturing industry previously made use of bag-in-box packaging solutions to transport liquid products to their clients.

These solutions create immense amounts of waste. In addition to waste, manufacturers incur unnecessary costs by having to pay people to fold and pack these boxes every day.

In our opinion, there’s unnecessary waste associated with these solutions:

1. Multiple 20 litre, or other sized, carton boxes for every delivery
2. Plastic wrapping to secure these boxes to pallets

With the exception of the pallet that carries these loads and can be reused a handful of times, manufacturers are making these packaging materials the problem of their clients who have to find a sustainable way of getting rid of them.

The 1000 litre CIBC makes these issues redundant by making use of a reusable, plastic secondary packaging container and a 100% recyclable inner liner that acts as your primary packaging.

The CIBC plugs right into your production line, requires no dedicated staff to prep for filling and reduces the amount of waste that ends up on your client’s site.

Smartload SA