Feb 2, 2022 | Blog

Developments in Supply Chains – the 2000’s

Last week we looked at developments in the world of supply chain management ranging from the early 1900’s until the late 1990’s. Today, we look at the 2000’s:

1. Enterprise resource planning systems have become widely adopted which has improved communication and the flow of information between producers, distributors, wholesaler and retailers.

2. The growth and development of emerging markets in South America and China as supply chain and production hubs.

3. Cross-function as well as cross-organisational communication is increased in order to make access to data easier and increase productivity and efficiency. Various supply chain tasks and roles have been integrated to increase end-to-end visibility of the supply chain.

4. The widespread adoption of risk management as an essential part of supply chain management. Manufacturing companies have designed advanced planning strategies with the goal of reducing the risk of disruptions throughout the chain and increase customer satisfaction.

Check out last week’s post to learn more about the history of supply chains.

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