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Supply Chain Trends From 2021 and Their Continuation in 2022

In 2021 we saw three trends emerge that will have lasting effects on how we do business:

  1. Agility

The challenges of the last two years showed us that supply chains needed to be agile and sustainable in order to survive the uncertainties that come with unforeseen challenges. However, in order to thrive in these conditions, supply chains need to be equipped with the technology capable of accurately predicting and anticipating the needs of the various links in the chain.

  1. Technology

To make effective use of technology and increase supply chain efficiencies the data gathered from these technologies must be processed and analysed in order to understand how assets are used, how inventory and other resources are managed, where weaknesses in the chain occur, etc.

  1. Engagement / Communication

Today, engagement with clients, colleagues and key partners in the supply chain is more essential than ever. With more employees working from home we have become more adept at making use of various communication tools. Armed with the knowledge that technology can provide we are able to engage in meaningful ways and proactively work to prevent disruptions in the supply chain.

In 2022 we will see the continuation and development of these trends:

  1. The move towards evermore agile supply chains
  2. Supply chains that are increasingly equipped with technology
  3. Increased investment in digital supply chain infrastructures

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