Smarter Pallet Cycle

Smarter Pallet Cycle

First things first, what is asset pooling? 

A good analogy is to think of asset pooling as carpooling. By sharing a car, you reduce your travel costs like fuel costs, tolls and the stress of driving. Smartload offers you our pooling service so you can reduce costs and stress in a similar way, while also reducing your impact on the environment and staying up-to-date with the latest innovations in the industry.

Read on for even more benefits of asset pooling.

Track & trace

We provide you with proven, smart software free of charge, which allows you to ask for collections, declare movements and request movement history reports. This technology is one reason why our clients experience minimal losses – also because we perform regular audits to prevent loss.


We pride ourselves on the highest technical and hygienic standards. We check and clean all load carriers after every trip, and our specialist teams also repair any damaged assets.

Cost management

Asset pooling significantly reduces capital expenditure, freeing up your cash flow so you can invest in your business. Allow us to handle the cost, labour and skill required to run a pallet pool.

Eliminate fixed costs too as you only pay hire charges for the equipment you use.


Experiencing a seasonal or unexpected demand? You’re able to access additional pallets as and when your needs change thanks to our ‘ready for use’ equipment available. We will deliver the agreed quantity at the agreed location, every time.

Future proof

We maintain our equipment to meet current industry standards and ensure its compatibility within the supply chain. You will also benefit from regular innovations in pooled equipment platforms and systems, without having to lay out capital.

Smartload’s CSI Initiative | Qhubeka Foundation

At Smartload, we are all about innovation, practicality, and sustainability with our reusable plastic shipping solutions. Which is why we are equally passionate to back another smart solution like Qhubeka: a non-profit organisation that moves people forward with bicycles in Africa. 

We are proud to back them with monthly donations, so they can continue their incredible work donating custom-built bikes to adults and children in need. This cuts down on their time travelling to work and school, as well as on transport costs. Children supplied with Qhubeka bikes attend school more often and improve their academic performance. This solution is also environmentally friendly and creates employment as the bikes are built and serviced locally. 

It’s a healthier, easier, and more fun way of getting around, and a cause close to all our hearts at Smartload.

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