Why pick plastic pallets over wood?

Smartload was established to address the need for reusable load carriers in southern Africa. And it made sense to go with high-quality, plastic carriers in order to offer first-rate products and service to our customers. 

This post will explain why, to us, plastic wins every time.

Increased hygiene

Always an important factor, hygiene has become even more crucial during these uncertain times. Plastic load carriers are far cleaner than their wooden equivalents. For starters, it isn’t possible to wash wooden load carriers.

Plastic ones, however, are easy to clean using steam or high-pressure equipment. 

Increased lifespan

Wooden load carriers are porous, meaning they weather far more easily. The nails used to construct them often rust, and the material splinters. They also absorb chemicals and moisture, leading to a short lifespan. Unfortunately, they are not reusable. 

Plastic ones, on the other hand, are non-porous and so are weather-resistant. Because they have no nails or coating, they will not rust or splinter. Plastic will not absorb chemicals or moisture, meaning plastic pallets have a much longer lifespan and can be reused easily.

Increased safety

Plastic pallets are stronger and won’t break as easily as wood and therefore are safer to use, especially in high racking.

When it comes to ensuring your load’s safety, plastic load carriers can be fitted with a tracking chip for your peace of mind. Whereas wooden ones are unable to be fitted with such devices.

Increased sustainability

It may seem counter-intuitive, but plastic is actually the better choice when it comes to sustainability and the environment. Who ‘wood’ have thought?!

Not only are wooden load carriers often unsuitable for reuse, they cannot always be recycled. Smartload’s plastic pallets are 100% recyclable and are remanufactured at the end of their life cycle. This means that we melt down the material and a mould a brand new pallet from it. Smartload’s plastic pallets are a part of a fully circular system. 

In conclusion, when it comes to picking pallets, it’s clear that plastic is preferable over other materials. Plastic load carriers eliminate the mess, risk and inconvenience of their wooden equivalents. So pick plastic for better hygiene and sustainability – and the same great quality every time.

Smartload SA